PPSA.ca lets you search for and register liens quickly and easily in any province in Canada. We also offer searches on Canadian corporations and land title searches throughout Canada. PPSA is the Canadian equivalent to a UCC in the United States.
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Lien Search
Lien Search (individual, vehicle, or business)
Do you owe creditors? Find all liens against you or anyone else. Are you buying/leasing a vehicle? Check for liens on the vehicle. Click here to request a lien search in any province in Canada (see our fees schedule).

PPSA Registration
Register a lien in any province in Canada.
Register a lien against someone who owes you money. Click here to register a lien in any province in Canada (see our fees schedule). If you would prefer to use our fax-in form click here.

PPSA Amend/Renew/Discharge
Amendment / Renewal / Discharge
Amend - Correct an existing lien, add/delete information
Discharge - Release a security interest, remove a lien
Renew - Extend the registration period by a set amount of time
Use our Amendment fax-in form to make a change to an existing registration, click here.

Corporate Search
Canadian corporate search
Search a corporation for information about its status, the current directors, amalgamations or cancellations. Did the company miss its annual return? Does the company still exist? This search will tell you. Click here to perform a corporate search in Canada (see our fees schedule).

Bankruptcy Search
Bankruptcy Search
Check for Bankruptcy Filings, Liens, and Corporate Profile information all at once with our new Combo Search Form. Know who you're dealing with before you even make a phone call. You can even perform a NUANS Pre-Search to determine if a name has been taken. You can order any of these search types at once or individually. Click here to use our Combo Search Form.
See our fee schedule for pricing details.

Land Title Search
Land title searches across Canada
Find information on land titles, mortgages, title deeds, and more. Click here to perform a land title search in any province in Canada ($65.00 Canadian including all fees and taxes).

Frequently Asked Questions
Any questions?
If you have any questions, check our frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer there, send us an email and we'll be glad to answer your question.